All about Architectural Jury and Tips for better marks in Jury

All about Architectural Jury and Tips for better marks in Jury | Architecture Jury explanation, Types, and Tips for Jury Preparation

Architecture is a course that involves designing. For evaluation and marking criteria of design involves the process of jury.

What is Jury?

In the college, a brief will be given and a site will be given according to that a student have to design. After designing is over, a person (mostly a professional from Architecture or according to the project given) will be called to evaluate your design. They will be called jurors.
In the process of the jury, you have to explain these jurors everything that is involved in designing, starting from brief, then site and your concept everything have to be explained to the jurors in a given time.
Time of jury can range from 15 mins and can extend upto 1 hr or more depending on the semester and project.

Types of Jury:

There are two types of jury
• Open jury
• Close jury

Open jury:
In this type of jury, student is allowed to present the presentation board to the jurors. Student can explain and discribe about their project and brief while the time of jury. Marking will be done according to the presentation and explanation by the student.
Cross questioning can happen in this type of jury by the jurors and students have to reply to them.

Close jury:
In this type of jury, students have to submit the presentation board. Sheets will be Displayed and jurors will look on to the project by themselves. Explanation have to properly done through the design board that is submitted. Students don’t get a chance to explain the design. In this case, the presentation board and presentation skills play a major role.


Tips for jury

Tip 1: Prepare your answer before jury
Answer these questions
Who ? For who you designing
What? About the brief
Why ? About concept
Where ? Site and other demographic
How ? How you solving the problem of design

Tip 2: During jury use a language that you are comfortable with .

Tip 3: Start with a introduction.

Tip 4: Explain concept it could be any idea or inspiration.

Tip 5: Don’t talk about things you haven’t worked

Tip 6: Don’t overspeak by making things on spot.

Tip 7: Listen to jurors when you are done with your jury.

Tip 8: Be confident and have a smile during jury to show confidence. Dress formal and show your personality while giving jury.

Tip 9: Delete words that are not required

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