Gate Architecture and Planning Year-wise Solution

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GATE 2021 – Architecture & Planning (1991-2020): Study Material Included with 500 + pictures of Architects with their works

(GATE AR 2017  | Page: 1)

Q. 1 – Q. 25 carry one mark each.

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Q.1.The Pritzker Architecture prize for the year 2016 has been awarded to

  • A Alejandro Aravena
  • B Frei Otto
  • C Stephen Breyer
  • D Yang Ho Chang

Q.2 As per the CPWD Handbook on Barrier Free and Accessibility 2014 Government of India. The minimum length of a straight ramp in meter to raise a wheelchair to the plinth level of 600 mm is________

Q.3 Tuscan and Composite orders are associated with

  • A Greek Architecture
  • B Islamic Architecture
  • C Byzantine Architecture
  • D Roman Architecture

Q.4 A pointed arch having two centers and radii greater than the span is known as

  • A Lancet arch
  • B Gothic arch
  • C Roman arch
  • D Drop arch

Q.5 The concepts of ‘serial vision ‘punctuation’ and ‘closure’ were proposed by

  • A Le Corbusier
  • B Louis Kahn
  • C Gordon Cullen
  • D Kevin Lynch