Multi-Modal Transport System

Multi-Modal Transport System: Role of Planners and Engineers in Multi–modal Transport System

What is Multi-Modal Transport System

Multi-Modal Transportation System (MMTS) can be defined as the coordinated use of two or more modes of transport which is integrated together for convenient, speedy, safe, pleasant, and comfortable movement of user passengers in urban areas. It is designed in such a way that all the modes work as a complete connected system and provides ride from origin to destination smoothly. Also because of good connectivity, it becomes economical and encouraged by users.  Generally, MMTS has been characterized by increased capacity, efficient access, and better location of both integration and nodes. Public transport is an important constituent of multi-modal transportation system and hence local and regional public transportation systems must be an integral part of the same. 

Multi–modal transportation framework includes the mass transport modes of travel primarily classified as follows:

Rail based Modes

  • Metro Rail Corridor
  • Ring Rail
  • Light Rail Transit
  • Mono Rail
  • Integrated Rail cum Bus Transit, etc.

Road based Modes

  • Regular Buses
  • Mini Buses
  • Double Decker Buses
  • Articulated Buses
  • Express Buses
  • Trolley Buses
  • Guided Buses and Battery Operated Buses
  • Trams

Multi-Modal Transport System in National Capital Territory of Delhi

The Government of NCT of Delhi has developed an Integrated Multi–modal Transit Project using modes such as the Bus Rapid Transit (HCBS), Light Rail and the Monorail in addition to the metro rail and the present DTC bus services duly integrated through multi-modal interchange points. This project has been approved by the Cabinet of GNCTD for about phased implementation by 2020.

The total length of the public transit network including 250km of Metro will be 750km. To implement this project, the Government of NCT Delhi has incorporated a ‘Special Purpose Vehicle’ under the name and style of Delhi Integrated Multi-modal Transit System (DIMMTS) Limited on 19th April 2006. DIMMTS Ltd. is responsible for all aspects of implementation, operation, and maintenance of the proposed multi-modal network i.e. planning, design, financing, implementation, operation and maintenance of services, and associated infrastructure.

The Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India ( 2006), New Delhi enacted National Urban Transport Policy, 2006 with the broad objective to ensure safe, affordable, quick, comfortable, reliable and sustainable access for the growing number of city residents to jobs, education, recreation and such other needs within cities. One of the methods to achieve such objectives is to “enabling the establishment of quality-focused multi-modal public transport systems that are well integrated, providing seamless travel across modes”.

Impact of Multi–modal Transport System

Multi–modal Transport System explores the use of multiple modes of transport for safe, convenient, and efficient movement of passengers. Generally, MMTS has been characterized by increased capacity, efficient access, and better location of both interchange and integration nodes. Additionally, the presence of MMTS in the metro region enhances accessibility, economic growth, public health, environmental protection, security & safety, social cohesion, etc. In this connection, it is desirable to establish a single authority for planning, development, implementation, and enforcement of the policies. 

Role of Planners and Engineers in Multi–modal Transport System

The multimodal transportation system requires better synchronization between various modes of transport and nodes of urban areas for better, advanced, and efficient service. Further, it requires need-based traffic circulation plans which is calculated according to land-use, and data is used to integrate various modes and improvement of major road stretches and intersections to facilitate smooth movements of passengers. Hence, the management of such mega projects requires expertise and efficient teamwork of urban planning, traffic engineering, and transport planning.

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