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Architecture and Planning Daily Quiz

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Features and benefits :

Exam Assure Daily Quiz Subscription  Architecture and Planning Quiz, Mock Test - Suitable for GATE Architecture and Planning
Interactive Quizzes to make learning fun
*Approx Rs 1 per day, Limited time offer (Rs. 499/- for 1 Year)
Exam Assure Daily Quiz Subscription  Architecture and Planning Quiz, Mock Test - Suitable for GATE Architecture and Planning
Special discounts/offers for all courses/events to subscribed members

FAQs :

What will I get?

▪️ Learning with almost zero effort
▪️ Daily Quiz questions related to Architecture and Planning
▪️ 07 Questions Daily

How will this help me?

▪️ Daily small and consistent efforts by you will work as a powerful tool for your success.
▪️ This will help you to build a base for your exams.
▪️ This will keep your Architecture and Planning Knowledge updated.

Which Type of Questions will be included in the daily Quiz?

▪️ Type 1: Objective type with 04 Four options
▪️ Type 2: Multiple Select type Questions for better understanding

Who should subscribe?

▪️ Any Student/ Professional who is willing to prepare for Govt. Job Exams or GATE Architecture/ Planning Exams.
▪️ Any Architecture/Planning professional who wants to grow.

Where and How will I access the quiz after subscribing?

After Subscription, you will be provided access to the Quiz Dashboard on the Exam Assure website.

Also, Daily updates will be shared by the Exam Assure Team via. exclusive Whatsapp Group.

What is the price of Subscription?

You can subscribe for Daily Quiz at price of Rs. 499/- for 1 year. Right, it is priced at almost Rs.1 per day only.

What if I don’t want to subscribe? Can I access free Quizzes?

Yes, there are a few quizzes available on our website for demo.

Why is the price so low?

Exam Assure is started with a vision to help and create awareness among Architecture and Planning professionals through its various efforts. Daily Quiz is one of those that’s why we have kept the price as low as possible.

The purpose is to benefit maximum number of people.

Why is Daily Quiz not Free?

We are collecting just a base amount to pay interns and website operators who put their efforts to deliver such wonderful content to you.

I think the efforts of the Exam Assure Team is huge and I want to help the team. Is there any way?

First of all a big Thankyou!!  if you think so.

Yes, You can help in many ways. Please Explore Join Us Page for more details.

What if I want to unsubscribe from Quiz before 1 year? Will I get any refunds?

You can unsubscribe anytime by intimating the Exam Assure Team however no refunds will be available.

Since how many days is Exam Assure conducting Daily Quiz?

Daily Quiz has been served for the past 02 Years to all the students/professionals.

Subscribe @ ₹499/- per year

*Limited Period Offer

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