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103 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Which method is widely used to measure overall performance of the entire project ?

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Categories of Natural Hazards include

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As per Natural Disaster Management Authority Guidelines, which of the following is NOT a man-made Hazard ?

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The EIA Notification 2006 had notified how many developmental sectors which require prior Environmental Clearance ?

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The 74th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1993 mandated formation of which committee as a participatory platform in Urban Local Bodies?

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Article 243 B under 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1993, provides for the constitution of Panchayats at which levels in a state?

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The article 243 U under 74th Constitutional Amendment Act, 1993 provides a fixed term of how many years for a Municipality? Elections to constitute municipality are required to be completed before the expiration of the term:

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