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212 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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The correct sequence of the following Construction Project Development stages, as per the National Building Code of India 2016 is ___________.

(P) Resource Planning

(Q) Project Inception

(R) Commissioning and Handing over

(S) Tendering

(T) Site Survey and Soil Investigation

(U) Selection of Construction Methodology

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Match the aspects in Group I with the corresponding items in Group II.

Group IGroup II
(P) Fire safety

(Q) Seismic safety

(R) Water efficiency

(S) Accessible design


(1) Intruder alarm

(2) Zero–strength barrier

(3) Stair lift

(4) Aerator

(5) Auxiliary damper

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  • Match the States in Group I with the corresponding Vernacular Building Typologies in Group II
Group IGroup II
(P) Kerala

(Q) Jharkhand

(R) Nagaland

(S) Gujarat

(1) Morung

(2) Pol

(3) Dhumkuria

(4) Nalukettu

(5) Ghotul

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  • Match the examples in Group I with their corresponding typologies in Group II.
Group IGroup II
(P) Navi Mumbai

(Q) Hissar

(R) Greater Mumbai

(S) Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor


(1) Counter Magnet

(2) Urban Agglomeration

(3) Satellite Town

(4) University Town

(5) Investment Region

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  • Match the Place(s)/Event(s) in Group I with the corresponding Heritage Significance/Characteristics in Group II.
Group IGroup II
(P) Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai

(Q) Kumbh Mela

(R) Walled City of Jaipur

(S) Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka


(1) A long interaction between people and the landscape

(2) Cultural routes

(3) Victorian Gothic revival and traditional Indian features

(4) Intangible cultural heritage

(5) Traditional human settlement, and use reflecting an interchange of ancient Hindu and Mughal ideas

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  • Match the Urban Design Concepts in Group I with their corresponding Proponents in Group II.
Group IGroup II
(P) Vertical theory of Urban Design

(Q) Theory of Responsive Environments

(R) Serial Vision

(S) Winter Urbanism


(1) Ian Bentley

(2) Gordon Cullen

(3) Norman Pressman

(4) Ken Yeang

(5) Paul Oliver

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In the following sketch, P, Q, R, and S refer to elements of an urban space. Identify P, Q, R, S.

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