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228 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Match the classical urban planning theories in Group- I with their proponents in Group- II

Group –I   Group- II
(P) Concentric Zone Model1. Berry and Horton
(Q) Sector Model2. Homer Hoyt
(R) Multiple Nuclei Model3. Ernest Burgess
(S) Factorial Ecology4. Shevky and Bell
 5. Harris and Ulmann

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Match the distinguished housing projects in Group- I with their architects in Group- II

Group –I   Group- II
(P) Nagakin Capsule Tower, Tokyo, Japan1. Walter Gropius
(Q) Tara Apartments, New Delhi, India2. Moshe Safdie
(R) Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada3. Ralph Erskine
(S) Byker Wall, New Castle, England4. Charles Correa
 5. Kisho Kurokawa

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Match the development schemes by Government of India in Group- I with their objectives in Group- II

P. PMAY1.      Housing for All
Q.AMRUT2.      Rural cluster development
R.NruM3.      Heritage city development
S.HRIDAY4.      Urban mobility improvement
  5.      Urban rejuvenation

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Match the international events in Group- I with their directives in Group- II

 Group –I                                                Group- II
P. Earth Summit, Rio de Janerio, 19921. Kyoto Protocol
Q.UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, New York, 19922.Agenda 21
R.UN Sustainable Development Summit, New York, 20153.Heritage Conservation
S.Habitat II, Instanbul, 19964.Agenda 2030
  5.Housing for All

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Match the planning techniques in Group- I with their salient features in Group- II

 Group –I                                                Group- II
P. Land Pooling1. Assigning specific task on a short time horizon
Q.Action Plan2.Assembling privately owned land parcels for development
R.Land sharing3.Agreement for reallocation of land between occupiers and owners
S.Transfer of Development Rights4.Assigning specific task on a long term horizon
  5.Incentive based voluntary shifting of FAR of a plot to another plot

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Match the parameters in Group- I with their units in Group- II

P. Traffic flow1.      Metre
Q.Traffic Density2.      Cycle/second
R.Right of Way3.      Seconds
S.Traffic Signal cycle length4.      Vehicle/km
  5.      PCU/hr

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Match the planning tasks in Group- I with their tools of analysis in Group- II

P. Population Projection1.      Input- Output Analysis
Q.Regional resource allocation2.      Hardy Cross Method
R.Trip distribution3.      Cohort Analysis
S.Design of water distribution network4.      Gravity Model
  5.      Moving Observer method

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