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258 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Who was Involved in the planning of Chandigarh city?

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Sir Patrick Geddes has advocated certain planning concepts and those are available in the list given hereunder:

Use the codes to identify the correct answer:

  1. Survey before plan
  2. Survey methods
  3. Conservative surgery
  4. Outlook tower

Of these

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The first effort in Modern Town Planning in India was originated with the appointment of a commission in 3 presidencies during 1864. The commission was

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Functional classification of urban roads as per Indian Road Congress in Its proper hierarchy is

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The National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy, 2007 stipulates the Following roles to the Government of India.

  1. Act as a facilitator and enabler
  2. Prepare State Urban Housing and Habitat Policy
  3. Develop capacity building at local level
  4. Advise and guide local bodies.

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