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283 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Which of the following is a part of a studio apartment

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Invert level of a pipe at a given cross section refers to the

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The command DVIEW in AutoCAD permits to view

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Particles of soil in descending order of grain size is

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Match the Concepts in Group –I with the appropriate Explanation in Group –II

Group -IGroup –II
P. Planned Unit Development1. Development occurring on vacant or underused lots in otherwise built up areas
Q. Infill Development2. Development providing a fair and equitable way to integrate peri-urban areas
R. Transit Oriented3. Developing a large Development area as a single entity merging zoning and subdivision control
S. Mixed Use4. Development with Development compatible land uses integrating varied activities at different times of the day
 5. Development located within walking distance from mass transit stations along the corridor

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