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305 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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  • Match the architects in Group I with the terms in Group II
 Group I                                  Group II
P. Kisho Kurokawa                  1. Paper Tubes
Q. Ken Yeang             2. Deconstructivism
R. Shigeru Ban                        3. Metabolism
S. Mies van der Rohe             4. Eco Skyscrapers
5. Minimalism

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  • Match the terms in Group I with their meanings in Group II
Group I                      Group II
P. Mimbar                    1. Pillared assembly hall
Q. Qibla central court  2. Covered passage around
R. Liwan                      3. Pulpit
S. Baradari openings  4. Parapet between wall
5. Direction of Mecca

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Match the historical buildings in Group I with their styles in Group II

Group I Group II
P. Pantheon, Rome1. Baroque
Q. St. Paul’s Cathedral, London2. Roman
R. St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome3. Romanesque
S. Notre Dame, Paris4. Renaissance
 5. Gothic

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Corrected Effective Temperature is an index which combines the effect of

P. Climatic zone
Q. Temperature
R. Wind velocity
S. Vegetation
T. Humidity
U. Solar radi

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The focal length of the camera (in cm) is

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