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312 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Match the buildings in Group I with their corresponding structural forms in Group II

Group I Group II
P. Hall of Nations, New Delhi1. Spherical Structure
Q. Salvacao Church, Mumbai2. Folded Plates
R. State Trading Corporation Building, New Delhi3. Octahedral Lattice Structure
S. Matri Mandir, Auroville4. Vierendeel Girders
 5. Shell Roof Structure

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Match the terms in Group I with their description in Group II

Group I                                               Group II
P.         Quoin                                       1. Geometric description of Universe.
Q.        Stucco                                      2. Small Dome
R.         Mandala                                   3. Triangular form above an opening
S.         Cupola                                     4. Corner Stone at the angle of Buildings
5. Plaster

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Match the Architectural style in Group I with their features in Group II

Group I                       Group II
P. West Asiatic                         1. Arches and Pendentives.
Q. Greeks                     2. Pagodas
R. Byzantine                3. Flying Buttresses
S. Japanese                   4. Orders and Pediments
5. Hanging Gardens

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Gestalt’s law of Visual Perception Do Not relate to

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A site in a map drawn to a scale of 1: 16000 measures 75sqcm. The actual area of the site is

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