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313 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Identify the CORRECT CAD Statements
P. SPLINE connects sequence of line segments into a single object Q. SPLINE is a smooth curve passing through or near a given set of points.
Q. PLINE creates straight line segment, Arc segment or both.
R. PLINE can be closed only when its start and end points are coincident and tangent.
S. PLINE allows adjusting the width and curvature of its multiline segment
T. SPLINE can be exploded into smaller segments.
U. PLINE can be converted into a continuous curve segment.

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Match the eminent personalities in GROUP I with their books and Statements in GROUP II

GROUP I                                 GROUP II
P. Kevin Lynch            1. The Fountainhead
Q. Ayn Rand                2. Small is Beautiful
R. Paul D. Spreiregen    3. Site Planning
S. E F Schumacher       4. Urban Design: Architecture of Town and Cities
5. Design of Cities

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Match the Urban form listed in Group I with the towns listed in Group II

Group I                       Group II
P. Grid Iron                  1. New Delhi
Q. Radial                      2. Washington D.C.
R. Linear                      3. Copenhagen
S. Finger Plan               4. Mumbai
5. Canberra

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Consider the following features
1. Length finely proportioned to its width.
2. Statues as silhouettes against the sky above cornice lines.
3. Fountains signifying fine vintage points
4. Series of different shapes connected by traditional narrow streets, column screen or arches.

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Match the instruments in Group I with their corresponding functions in Group II

Group I                       Group II
P. Hygrometer              1. Precipitation
Q. Disdrometer                         2. Vapour Pressure
R. Anemometer            3. Solar Radiation
S. Manometer               4. Relative Humidity
5. Velocity of Air

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