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18 ArchPlan Quiz (Pr)

Planning Assistant - DDA
10 Questions- 05 Minutes

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In developing countries, the use of wood, charcoal, and dung as major sources of energy has created an increase in:

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Which of the following buildings is constructed by FL Wright?

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In Land use practiced in India: which colour denotes industrial buildings?

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The minimum area of a combined bath and WC as specified in the National Building Code of India is:

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According to UN, one of the components for measuring inclusive growth is:

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The term cohort refers to:

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Data on 'households with one or more married couple sharing room with a person aged 12 years or more' is used for computing:

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The greatest distance to nearest town occurs in:

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Which of the following vehicular traffic intersection convert all crossing into merging and diverging sequences?

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In a room in hot dry climate, the minimum aggregate area of openings excluding doors should be:

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