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5 DDA Daily Quiz (Pr)

Quiz For
Planning Assistant - DDA
10 Questions- 05 Minutes

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In the context of city planning, smart growth means

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The dimensionless value of sky value factor (SVF) ranges between

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When annual rainfall is deficient by 20% of normal or more, such a situation is recognised by IMO as

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Which of the following traffic intersections converts all crossing into merging and diverging sequences?

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Area - Based development and Pan - City Development are part of

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Integrated Cluster Action Plan is a planning document related to which of the following government schemes?

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Gentrification refers to

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What is the full form of BOD used commonly to judge water quality?

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The fundamental right pertaining to land and property ownership does not include

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The water consumption of a high rise apartment building with 60 dwelling units have an average household size of 5 persons is 135 lped. Assuming 8 % of the total use is met with recycled water supply, the daily domestic demand for the building is ____ litres.

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