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12 DDA Daily Quiz (Pr)

Quiz For
Planning Assistant - DDA
10 Questions- 05 Minutes

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The water supply requirement (minimum) for domestic purpose to a small town is

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Choose the correct one:

Ekistics is the science dealing with

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The first effort in Modern Town Planning in India was originated with the appointment of a commission in 3 presidencies during 1864. The commission was

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Choose the relationship among the following four types of plans:

  1. Perspective plan
  2. Development plan
  3. Annual plan
  4. Projects and schemes.

Of these

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Reconnaissance survey is useful in planning exercise to

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Outlying residential districts of a city is termed as

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The general slope of the land in Tamil Nadu is from

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Which among the following criteria is the most important one to locate Industries?

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Various levels of shopping facilities in urban settlements as stipulated by the National Building Code, 2005 are

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Functional classification of urban roads as per Indian Road Congress in Its proper hierarchy is

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