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18 DDA Daily Quiz (Pr)

Quiz For
Planning Assistant - DDA
10 Questions- 05 Minutes

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Plan prepared for a local planning area is called under the "Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act. 1971 as

2 / 10

What are the planning authorities to be constituted under Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971?

Group                                     Authorities

3 / 10

A region may be

Group Regions

4 / 10

Regional survey may cover mainly

5 / 10

Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act. 1971 has adopted the various similar provisions of

6 / 10

Under residential use zone, the following accessory uses are permissible. Find out the non-permissible

7 / 10

Which of the following statements is wrong?

8 / 10

The planning authority shall accord planning permission under which of the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act?

9 / 10

Planning Authority constituted under T & C.P. Act includes the following, except

10 / 10

The Tamil Nadu Public Health Act 1939, provides for

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