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229 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Match the land use classes in Group- I with their use zones in Group- II

P. Transportation1.      Sports complex
Q.Commercial2.      Heritage and Conservation areas
R.Public and Semi –Public3.      Burial ground
S.Recreational4.      BRT Corridor
  5.      Service sector

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Match the structural systems in Group- I with the buildings in Group- II

P. Folded plates1.      Kurilpa Bridge, Brisbane
Q.Shell2.      Eden Project, Cornwall
R.Tensegrity3.      Riverside Museum, Glasgow
S.Pneumatic4.      MIT Auditorium, Boston
  5.      30, St. Mary Axe, London

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Match the instruments in Group- I with the corresponding tests in Group- II

P. Pycnometer1.      Initial and final setting time
Q.Brinell’s Apparatus2.      Abrasion test
R.Los Angeles Apparatus3.      Surface hardness test
S.Vicat’s Apparatus4.      Slump test
  5.      Apparent Specific gravity

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Match the equipment in Group- I with their applications in Group- II

P. PIR1.      Air conditioning
Q.FCU2.      Lighting
R.OLED3.      Power generation
S.BIPV4.      Motion detection
  5.      Daylight sensing

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He was one of my best __________ and I felt his loss ________________

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As the two speakers became increasingly agitated, the debate became___________

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A right angled cone (with base radius 5 cm and height 12 cm) as shown in the figure below, is rolled on the ground keeping the point P fixed until the point Q (at the base of the cone, as shown) touches the ground again

By what angles (in radians) about P does the cone travel


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