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230 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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In a company with 100 employees, 45 earn Rs 20,000 per month,  25 earn Rs 30,000, 20 earn Rs 40000, 8 earn Rs 60,000 and 2 earn Rs 1,50,000. The median of the salaries is

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P, Q and R talk about S’s car collection. . P states thst S has at least 3 cars. Q believes that S has less than 3 cars. R indicates that to his knowledge, S has at least one car. Only one of P, Q and R is right. The number of cars  owned by S is

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“Here throughout the early 1820s, Stuart continued to fight his losing battle to allow his sepoys to wear their caste- marks and their own choice of facial hair on parade, being again reprimanded by the commander –in – chief. His retort that ‘ A stronger instance than this of European prejudice with relation to this country has never come under my observations’ had no effect on his superiors.”

According to this paragraph, which of the statements below is most accurate?

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What is the sum of the missing digits in the substration problem below ?

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Let S1 be the plane figure consisting of the points (x, y) given by the inequalities ǀx-1ǀ ≤ 2 and ǀy+2ǀ ≤ 3. Let S2 be the plane figure given by inequalities x-y ≥ -2, y ≥ 1 and x ≤ 3. Let S be the Union of S1 and S2. The area of S is

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Two very famous sportsmen Mark and Steve happened to be brothers, and played for country K. Mark teased James, an opponent from country E, “here is no way you are good enough to play for our country. “James replied, “Maybe not, but at least I am the best player in my own family.”

Which one of the following can be inferred from this conversation?

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The growth of bacteria (lactobacillus) in milk leads to curd formation. A minimum bacterial population density of 0.8 (in suitable units) is needed to form curd. In the graph below, the population density of lactobacillus in 1 litre of milk is plotted as a function of time, at two different temperatures, 25°C and 37°C.

Consider the following statements based on the data shown above:

i. The growth in bacterial population stops earlier at 37 °C as compared to 25 °C

ii. The time taken for curd formation at 25 °C is twice the time taken at 37 °C

Which one of the following options is correct ?

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