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95 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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The National Building Code defines an area as a hilly area when it has a slope of:

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The fuel derived from, combustible waste fraction of solid waste like plastic, wood, pulp or organic Waste, other than chlorinated materials, in the form of pellets or fluff produced by drying, shredding, dehydrating and compacting of solid waste is called as:

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Which of the following is a waste water recycling technique?

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Residential density is expressed in terms of:

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As per Census of India, 2011, a ________ is usually a group of persons who normally live together and take their meals from a common kitchen unless the exigencies of work prevent any of them from doings so.(Fill in the blank)

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Two types of speed limit are in use throughout the world for traffic management. They are

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PMGSY, a program of Government of India, deals with:

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