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15 DDA Daily Quiz (Pr)

Quiz For
Planning Assistant - DDA
10 Questions- 05 Minutes

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In rural housing development, one of the following agencies plays a major role in extending financial loans to the rural folk. What is that agency called?

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The National Housing Policy emphasizes the role of state as

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CPM network is

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Fundamental principle or Urban Community Development is to

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Social implications of slum clearance and development program are

  1. Social segregation
  2. Alien culture
  3. Loss of employment
  4. Loss of value system.

Of these

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Which of the following statements is not true?

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Housing shortage in India at the end of the 10th Plan was

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Choose the main expression of value favorable to the city from the following:

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At least 3 kinds of expression of hostilities to the city can be uncovered as listed below. Choose the expression unhostile to the city.

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A set of persistent patterned social relationship among persons or positions is called

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