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ATP Exam 2022

RPSC ATP Quiz-24

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The general slope of the land in Tamil Nadu is from

Which among the following criteria is the most important one to locate Industries?

Various levels of shopping facilities in urban settlements as stipulated by the National Building Code, 2005 are

Functional classification of urban roads as per Indian Road Congress in Its proper hierarchy is

Among the following which are all considered as statistical data?

Use the list and code to answer.


  1. There is one accident at junction A
  2. Junction A records 12 accidents during the year 2005, 8 accidents during 2006 and 6 accidents during 2007
  3. The literacy rate of state p during the census year2001 is less compared to the census year 1991
  4. The state p records the literacy rate during 1991 as 80% and during 2001 as 78%.

Of these

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