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RPSC ATP Quiz-32

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Joint family system which was an important aspect of traditional rural society is now giving way to nuclear family. What is the reason for this?

The problems viz. poverty, caste, class, regional disparity, divorce, crime, gender, Juvenile delinquency, suicide etc. are mainly considered as

Goals and objectives of 'Regional planning' may be any of the following.

Use the code to answer.

  1. To balance the population distribution
  2. To revitalize the main occupational sector and to identify potential economical activities
  3. To improve and rationalize the transport system
  4. To meet the recreational need of city within the region

” Regional surveys” are the following:

Use the codes to answer

  1. Physical factor
  2. Economical factors
  3. Social Factors
  4. Environmental factors.

The maps of the Regional Plan may be any of the following.

Use the codes to answer:

  1. Land utilization
  2. Urban & rural growth centers
  3. Transport & communication
  4. Area of archaeological, historic & religious importance

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