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14 - Daily Quiz for GATE AR Exam 2023

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The Saturation level of a colour represents

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Invert level of a pipe at a given cross section refers to the

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The command DVIEW in AutoCAD permits to view

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Match the Land use categories of Group- I with their respective Colour codes in Group- II as per practice in India.
Group I Group II
P. Residential 1. Red
Q. Commercial 2. Grey
R. Industrial 3. Blue
S. Public/ Semi -public 4. Violet
5. Yellow

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Match the Monuments in Group –I with their Features in Group –II
Group I       Group II
P. Panch Mahal FatehpurSikri 1. Painted Stone Figures
Q. MeenakshiTemple , Madurai 2. Intricated Red Sand Stone Carvings
R. Jor-Bangla Temple, Bishnupur 3. Granite statues
S. Sun temple, Konark 4. Khondalite stone work
5. Terracotta carvings

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