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18 - Daily Quiz for GATE AR Exam 2023

05 Questions- 10 Minutes

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Match the type of Temporary Structures in Group–I with their corresponding Functions in Group–II
Group -I Group –II
P. Scaffolding 1. To support unsafe structures
Q. Formwork raised 2. To support platforms for workman and materials at R. Shoring height during construction
S. Underpinning 3. Removal of water from pits
4. Mould for RCC structure
5. Strengthening the existing foundation

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Match following Scientific Names in Group –I with their common Indian Names in Group –II
Group -I Group –II
P. Lagerstroemia speciosa 1. Amaltas
Q. Cassia fistula 2. Neem
R. Azadarachtaindica 3. Jarul
S. Acacia auriculiformis 4. Babul
5. Peepal

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A man starts from his residence and uses the following mode in sequence to reach the office- cycle rickshaw to Railway station, then train to destination station, followed by auto rickshaw to nearby bus stand and finally a bus to his office. Which of the following describes the sequence of transit usage?

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PMGSY and JNNURM are two Indian Government programmes which deal with

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Match the Planning Terms in Group –I with their Descriptions in Group –II

Group -IGroup –II
P. Gentrification1.    Haphazard and low density outward growth of urban area
Q. Urban core2.    primarily dormitory revitalization settlement with functional dependency on parent city
R. Urban sprawl3.    Replacement of low income residents with high income population
S. Satellite town4.    Physical and socioeconomic revival of the inner-city
 5.    Restricted development in an environmentally sensitive zone

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