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19 DDA Daily Quiz (Pr)

Quiz For
Planning Assistant - DDA
10 Questions- 05 Minutes

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The Tamil Nadu District Municipalities Act 1919, stipulates that the commissioner shall either sanction, refuse or return a building plan application within

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The Chennai City Municipal Corporation Building Rules stipulate that the height of a Building shall not exceed

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Duration of planning permission issued under the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971 is

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After preparation of master plan by the local planning authority, the master plan is to be submitted to the Government. If need be, Government may ask for modifications. Accordingly, the local planning authority shall make modifications and resubmit. After that under Section 24(2), Government are to do something. What is that?

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After the local planning authority receives the consent, it should publish the notice of consent in

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Objections and suggestions are to be invited from public within a period from the date of publication of consent. What is that period?

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In what way, any land needed for development as required, Reserved, or designated in master plan for a public purpose is to be acquired?

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The approval of the detailed development plan is accorded under which of the following sections of the T.N.F. & C.P. Act. 1971?

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Under T. N. District Municipalities Building Rules, 1972, the minimum clearance between the building and water body should be

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Under T. N.  District Municipalities Building Rules, 1972, the minimum clearance between a house site and burial / burning ground should be

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