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99 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Under which method of valuation, property is assumed to lose value by a fixed amount every year till it reaches scrap value ?

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Which of the following are methods used for valuation of properties ?

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DCF is a property valuation method. Which of the following is the correct full form of the acronym ?

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Consent of what percentage of project affected families is required for private companies as per LARR (The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency -in Land Acquisition, and Rehabilitation Resettlement) Act, 2013 ?

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The Part-lll and Part-IV of the Constitution of India deal with:

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Haryana Urban Development Authority came into existence in which year ?

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In Sherry Arnstein's "Ladder of Citizen Participation" what do the bottom rung and the top- rung of the ladder indicate?

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