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15 - Daily Quiz for GATE AR Exam 2023

  • 05 Questions- 10 Minutes

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Match the Monuments in Group–I with their Style of Architecture in Group–II
Group I Group II
P. Pisa Cathedral, Italy 1. Gothic
Q. St. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul 2. Moorish
R. Great Temple Aman, Karnak 3. Egyptians
S. Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris 4. Byzantine
5. Romanseque

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Match the Buildings in Group–I with their Style of Architecture in Group–II
Group -I Group –II
P. Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi 1. Industrial Architecture
Q. German Pavillion for World Exhibition 2. Deconstruction
R. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao 3. Radical Eclecticism
S. Crystal Palace, London 4. International Style
5. Neo Classical

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Match the Terms in Group –I with their Definition in Group –II

Group -IGroup –II
P. Kinesthesia1. Measurement and study of size and proportion of human body
Q. Anthropometry2. Study of man-machine interaction
R. Ergonomics3. Study of past and present of human race
S. Biomimicry4. Study of human sensory experience during movement
5. Imitation of model, system and elements of nature

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Match the following Urban Spaces in Group–I with their names in Group–II

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Match the Terms in Group –I with the appropriate Items in Group –II

Group -IGroup –II
P. Toposheet1. Path/Row
Q. Satellite Image2. Contour
R. Wavelength3. Focal Length
S. Scan Line4. Spectral Signature
 5. Bits/inch


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