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51 - Daily Quiz for GATE AR Exam 2023

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On a planar field, you travelled 3 units East from a point O. Next you travelled 4 units South to arrive at point P. Then you travelled from P in the North-East direction such that you arrive at a point that is 6 units East of point O. Next, you travelled in the North-West direction, so that you arrive at point Q that is 8 units North of point P. The distance of point Q to point O, in the same units, should be

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The author said, “Musicians rehearse before their concerts. Actors rehearse their roles before the opening of a new play. On the other hand, I find it strange that many public speakers think they can just walk on to the stage and start speaking. In my opinion, it is no less important for public speakers to rehearse their talks.” Based on the above passage, which one of the following is TRUE?

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Among the options given below, the statement that logically follows from the two statements 1 and 2 above, is:

1. Some football players play cricket.

2. All cricket players play hockey.

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In the figure shown above, PQRS is a square. The shaded portion is formed by the intersection of sectors of circles with radius equal to the side of the square and centers at S and Q. The probability that any point picked randomly within the square falls in the shaded area is _____

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In an equilateral triangle PQR, side PQ is divided into four equal parts, side QR is divided into six equal parts and side PR is divided into eight equal parts. The length of each subdivided part in cm is an integer. The minimum area of the   triangle PQR possible, in cn2, is

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