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47 - Daily Quiz for GATE AR Exam 2023

05 Questions- 10 Minutes

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One of the cities added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2019 is

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Match the terminologies of Munsell Colour Wheel in Group I with their corresponding descriptions in Group II

Group I                             Group II

(P) Hue                        (1) Addition of black colour to the base colour

(Q) Chroma                 (2) Radial colour variation

(R) Value                     (3) Addition of White to the base colour

(S) Tint                         (4) Colour variation through angular differences

(5) Vertical colour variation

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Match the plants form in Group I with their botanical names in Group II, as per ‘A  Handbook of Landscape’, CPWD 2013, Government of India

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Match the images of Garden in Group 1 with their  names in Group II

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Match the architects in Group I with their projects in Group II

Group I                                   Group II

(P) Victor Horta(1) Farnsworth House
(Q) Gierrit Rietvelt(2) Robie House
(R) Mies van der Rohe(3) Tassel House
(S) Frank Lloyd Wright(4) Schroder House
 (5) Vanna Venturi House

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