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32 - Daily Quiz for GATE AR Exam 2023

05 Questions- 10 Minutes

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Match the building materials in Group-I with their distinctive properties in Group-II

P. Cement1. Charring
Q. Steel2. Brittle
R. Wood3. Evaporation
S. Glass4. Tensile strength
 5. Setting Time

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Match the built forms in Group-I with their descriptions in Group-II

P.  Agora1.  Custodial precincts
Q.  Ziggurat2.  Place of Jewish worship
R.  Mastaba3.  Built in diminishing stages of masonry with buttressed wall
S.  Synagogue4.  Market place or public square
 5.  Tomb made of mud bricks

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Match the building configuration characteristics in Group-I with their seismic consequences in Group-II

Group-I            Group-II
P.  Re-entrant corner1.  Soft storey
Q.  Floating column2.  Stress concentration at corner
R.  Irregular storey stiffness3.  Load path discontinuity
S.  Gap between adjacent buildings4.  Vertical asymmetry
 5.  Pounding

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Match the landscaping terms in Group-I with their descriptions in Group-II

P. Xeriscaping1. Wide vegetated drain
Q. Drip line2. Tree rings
R. Swale3. Outermost circumference of a tree canopy
S. Turf block paver4. Solution to topsoil erosion and water permeability
 5. A little or no irrigation

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Match the planning principles in Group-I with their descriptions in Group-II

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