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106 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Who introduced the theory of location where the cost of transporting the raw materials to the plant and finished products to the market greatly influences the location of a plant?

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The law of diminishing returns in specially and quickly applicable to agriculture and other extractive occupation because of the following :

  1. Agriculture is dependent on nature
  2. The time lag between input and output is very small in agricultural production
  3. Agricultural labour does not have work continuously
  4. Soil does not get exhausted and fertility is not lost

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For Run-off co-efficient of park and undeveloped areas, the percentage of imperviousness as given by NDMA is

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Biological decomposition of Putrescible organic matter in solid waste is digested anaerobically and converted into humus and stable mineral compounds in

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Name the first planning legislation in India before Independence

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The 'world's first National Planning Law was

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Government of India issued NUTP in 2006, to bring about comprehensive improvements in urban transport services and infrastructure — What does NUTP stands for

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