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119 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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A system in which vegetation is not only attached to a building facade, but is fully integrated into the facade construction in which plants and planting media are both placed on the vertical surface of the exterior wall.

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A earther mound designed to provide visual interest on a site, screen undesirable views, reduce noise or fulfill other such purposes is called

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Traditional Indian Settlement pattern which is suitable for the site which is in the form of a bow or parabolic and mostly located near the seashore or river banks is called

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__________ development envisages application of selected smart solutions to the existing city wide infrastructure.

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The urban and regional planning system in India has been divided under the two heads, namely _____ and _________

  1. Core Area Planning
  2. Specific and Investment Planning
  3. Special Area Planning
  4. Extinct and Independent Planning

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The minimum density of the area to be declared as 'URBAN' as per census of India 2011 is

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Choose the one which is not part of the EIA process

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