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123 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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In concentric zone model (1925), Burgers considered city as a

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As per CPHEEO manual, 80% of water supply may be expected to reach the sewers however it recommend designing the system by considering minimum wastes water flow of litres per capita per day.

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The Drainage system of any city/town is governed mainly by

  1. Natural drainage course
  2. Topography
  3. Climate and hydrological considerations
  4. Impact of regional level of development

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As per URDPFI guidelines, 2014, water requirement for the town /city will be______ LPCD. (litres per capita per day)

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________ method of laying distribution pipes in water supply system will result in free circulation of water and hence, it is not liable for pollution due to stagnation.

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The average speed maintained by a vehicle over a particular stretch of road, while the vehicle is in motion is called as

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The operating level of service as per Highway Capacity Manual (HUM) are of  No's

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