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124 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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The method commonly used for measuring running speed and journey speed are

  1. Moving observer method
  2. Registration number method
  3. Travellers passing method
  4. Elevated observer method

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Land pooling scheme was first introduced in _________ regional and Town Planning Act, in 1966.

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________ is a way of consolidating land for development of projects by making land owners as partners in development.

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The intent of__________ is to concentrate development in areas where it is wanted and to restrict it in areas where it is not.

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The horizontal angle between true meridian and magnetic meridian is called

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Assertion [A] :The Drawback of a lap joint is causing undesirable bending in the connection leading to failure of bolts in tension

Reason [R] : The centre of gravity of load in one member and centre gravity of load in the second member do not coincide and hence eccentricity is created

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The maximum slenderness ratio permissible in steel tiers is

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