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127 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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In a PPP mode of development of an urban infrastructure project, the interests of the public entity is

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Identify the Article which delegate powers and function to Panchayat as per Indian constitution from the following.

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According to 74th CAA Nagar Panchayats are

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________ mean a line which is in rear of the street alignment and to which the main wall of a building abutting on a street may lawfully extend.

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Identify the correct statement from the following

  1. GPS surveying can be carried out without clear line of sight between stations
  2. GPS surveying can be carried out at night
  3. GPS surveying can be carried out underground
  4. GPS surveying can be carried out in poor weather conditions

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Identify the fundamental components of GPS in terms of basic segments

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In Electromagnetic remote sensing process, identify the correct sequence of steps from the following in relation to data acquisition and analysis

  1. Energy interaction with earth's surface
  2. Energy sources
  3. Generation of sensor data in the form of pictures
  4. Air borne/space borne sensors to record the reflected energy
  5. Propagation of energy through the atmosphere

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