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129 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Assertion [A] : The effective stress is equal to the total stress minus the pore water pressure.

Reason [R] :The effective stress controls the volume changes and shearing resistance of soil.

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Identify the Incorrect statement about Urban agglomeration from the following list

  1. A village with its adjoining out growth
  2. A town and its adjoining urban outgrowth
  3. Two or more contiguous towns with or without their outgrowths
  4. A city and one or more adjoining towns with their outgrowths together forming contiguous stretch.

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Which one of the following is a characteristic feature of Renaissance city planning?

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Which one of the following is feature character specific to medieval city planning?

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As per Lewis Mumford, classification of Town's, what is the term refers to a small town which grows as one entire unit and it economy is based on agriculture?

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Tiruvallur, Gummidipoondi and Maraimalainagar were the 3 proposed  ___ towns for Chennai, 1st Master Plan

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One of the following is not a component of Master Plan

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