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132 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Assertion [A] : The transverse reinforcement is flanged beam section should be more than 60 percent of the main area of steel provided at the midspan of the slab

Reason [R]Such transverse reinforcement should extend on either side' of the beam to a distance not less than one-fourth of the span of beam.

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Minimum shear reinforcement is to be provided in the form of stirrups in all beams where the calculated nominal shear stress r,

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The garden city showing the combination of the advantages of both town and country is led by

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Monocentric city developing in one direction is known as according to Doxiadis.

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In Tamil Nadu there are several temple cities in the shape of a concentric rectangle with a large Hindu temple at its centre which reflects the ideal city plan described in

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In ancient texts the art studios are called as

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________also known as cross — slope, which facilitates drainage of the pavement laterally.

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