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148 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Which of the following statements about slum is true?

(a) Population rate of slums has a bearing on city size

(b) Slums are unavoidable

(c) Slums have symbiotic relationship with city

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Which one of the following states did not implement the  "Slum Networking program"?

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Slum up gradation program was launched in which five year plan?

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Central Slum Area (clearance and improvement) Act was formulated  in which of the following years?

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As per National Building code a high-rise building is the one having a height  of more than

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As per UDPFI guidelines issued by Govt. of India, minimum area in hectares,  of senior secondary school with capacities of 1000 students should be:

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As per IJDPFI guidelines of govt. of India, what should be the minimum area  in hectares for a 500 bedded general hospital, for a town with 2.5 lac population

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