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156 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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lf In special township, scheme for Industrial Township is proposed,  the maximum saleable area permitted will be:

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In special township schemes under Township policy 2010,

What is the maximum % area on which residential activity and supporting social infrastructure is allowed

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In special township schemes under township policy what is the minimum  road width, if road length is more than 1OOm in a proposed township

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What is the minimum percentage of land to be left towards public  facilities area in a township scheme of more than 10 hectares as per township policy 2010

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As per township policy 2010, maximum charges for external development,   for a fully serviced plot of land, per sq .m. is

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As per the guidelines given by "Affordable Housing Policy" of Rajasthan  government maximum FAR, that can be given as TDR 10 a developer is:

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A student is required to demonstrate a high level of comprehension of the subject, especially in the social sciences.

The word closest in meaning to comprehension is

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