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157 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Choose the most appropriate word from the options given below to complete the following sentence.

One of his biggest ______ was his ability to forgive.

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Rajan was not happy that Sajan  decided to do the project on his own. On observing his unhappiness, Sajan explained to Rajan that he preferred to work independently.

Which one of the statements below is logically valid and can be inferred from the above sentences?

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If y = 5 x 2+ 3, then the tangent at x = 0, y = 3

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Find the odd one in the following group: ALRVX, EPVZB, ITZDF, OYEIK

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One percent of the people of country X are taller than 6 ft. Two percent of the people of country Y are taller than 6 ft. There are thrice as many people in country X as in country Y. Taking both countries together, what is the percentage of people taller than 6 ft?

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The monthly rainfall chart based on 50 years of rainfall in Agra is shown in the following figure. Which of the following are true? (k percentile is the value such that k percent of the data fall below that value)

(i) On average, it rains more in July than in December

(ii) Every year, the amount of rainfall in August is more than that in January

(iii) July rainfall can be estimated with better confidence than February rainfall

(iv) In August, there is at least 500 mm of rainfall

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Toothing is a construction technique used in

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