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180 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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The unit of measurement of Damp Proof Course (DPC) in building construction is

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Which of the following is NOT a Building Information Modeling software tool

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The concentric circles in a solar chart represent

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Match the planning documents in Group-I with their respective government schemes in Group-II

P. Integrated Cluster Action Plan1. NULM
Q. Service Level Improvement Plan2. Make in India
R. Housing for All Plan of Action3. RuRBAN mission
S. City Livelihood Centre Development Plan4. PMAY

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Associate the fire safety requirements for high rise buildings in Group-I with corresponding standards of the National Building Code of India 2016 in Group-II

P. Minimum Refuge area1. 12.5 sqm/person
Q. Maximum Travel distance2. 2.0 m
R. Maximum Occupant load3. 0.3 sqm/person
S. Minimum Stair case width4. 12.0 ton
 5. 30.0 m

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Match the photometric quantities in Group-I with their respective units in Group-II

P Illuminance1 Candela
Q Luminous Intensity2 Candela/sqm
R Luminance3 Lumens/sqm
S Luminous Efficacy4 Lumens/watt
 5 Lumens

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Associate the symbols in Group I with their meanings in Group II

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