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199 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Emergency preparedness for risk reduction does NOT include

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Beam : Column :: Transom : X

Which of the following options can replace ‘X’ ?

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The correct chronological order of the given architectural movements is

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The decay of sound in large room is indicated in the following figure. The spike within the dashed zone denotes

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For the same thickness of material layers, relative position of  insulation in the wall sections 1 and 2 shown below will have an  impact on

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The solar altitude angle on April 16 at 7:00 AM in Kochi is 16º. The same solar altitude angle will occur at the same time in the same year at the same location on

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In perspective drawing, the picture plane is in between the Object and the Observer. If the Observer comes closer straight towards the picture Plane, without changing the distance between Object and Picture Plane the perspectiveimage will be

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