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202 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Match the name of architects in Group I with the buildings designed by them in Group II

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Match the terms in Group I with the parameters in Group II

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Match the structural system in Group I with their potential causes of failure in Group II

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Match the masonry bond type in Group I with the  corresponding  illustration in Group II

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Match the characteristics type in Group I with the  type of  settlements in Group II as given in URDPFI Guidelines  2015, Government of India

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Which of the above sentences are grammatically CORRECT?

  1. Arun and Aparna are here.
  2. Arun and Aparna is here.
  3. Arun’s families is here.
  4. Arun’s family is here.

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Two identical cube shaped dice each with faces numbered 1 to 6 are rolled simultaneously. The probability that an even number is rolled out on each dice is:

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