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204 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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A waste water pipe connecting two inspection chambers (IC) is laid at a slope of 1:200. The Invert Level of the starting IC is -450 mm. The Invert level of the second pit at a distance of 40 m from the first IC is

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From the images P, Q and R given below, select the corresponding land use categories            according to Alonso’s Bid Rent Theory.

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The urban land use model based on the concept of a polycentric city is known as

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The total head or total lift against which a pump works includes suction lift, discharge lift and

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The two components for measuring time of concentration for storm water are

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The traffic assignment technique where the traffic arranges itself in congested    networks such that the journey time in all used routes between an Origin-Destination pair are equal and less than those that would be experienced in all unused routes. This is known as

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What is the dependent variable in a regression based trip generation model?

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