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209 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Choose the correct options with regard to activated sludge process.

[A] The activated sludge process is an aerobic process

[B] The entire settled sludge is sent back to the aeration tank

[C] The entire effluent from the final settling tank is sent back to the aeration tank

[D] In aeration tanks, sewage is aerated and agitated for a few hours

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After playing _________ hours of tennis, I am feeling _________ tired to walk back.

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The average of the monthly salaries of M, N and S is ₹ 4000. The average of the monthly salaries of N, S and P is ₹ 5000. The monthly salary of P is ₹ 6000. What is the monthly salary of M as a percentage of the monthly salary of P?

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A person travelled 80 km in 6 hours. If the person travelled the first part with a uniform speed of 10 kmph and the remaining part with a uniform speed of 18 kmph. What percentage of the total distance is travelled at a uniform speed  of 10 kmph?

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Four girls P, Q, R and S are studying languages in a University. P is learning French and Dutch. Q is learning Chinese and Japanese. R is learning Spanish and French. S is learning Dutch and Japanese. Given that: French is easier than Dutch; Chinese is harder than Japanese; Dutch is easier than Japanese, and Spanish is easier than French. Based on the above information, which girl is learning the most difficult pair of languages?

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Humans are naturally compassionate and honest. In a study using strategically placed wallets that appear “lost”, it was found that wallets with money are more likely to be returned than wallets without money. Similarly, wallets that had a key and money are more likely to be returned than wallets with the same amount of money alone. This suggests that the primary reason for this behavior is compassion and empathy. Which one of the following is the CORRECT logical inference based on the information in the above passage?

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A rhombus is formed by joining the midpoints of the sides of a unit square.  What is the diameter of the largest circle that can be inscribed within the rhombus?

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