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210 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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An equilateral triangle, a square and a circle have equal areas.  What is the ratio of the perimeters of the equilateral triangle to square to circle?

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Given below are three conclusions drawn based on the following three statements.

Statement 1: All teachers are professors.

Statement 2: No professor is a male.

Statement 3: Some males are engineers.

Conclusion I: No engineer is a professor.

Conclusion II: Some engineers are professors.

Conclusion III: No male is a teacher.

Which one of the following options can be logically inferred?

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In a 12-hour clock that runs correctly, how many times do the second, minute, and hour hands of the clock coincide, in a 12-hour duration from 3 PM in a day to 3 AM the next day?

[A] 11

[B] 12

[C] 144

[D] 2

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The concentric circles in a sun-path diagram represent ___________.

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The operational guidelines on Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme for Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), January 2017, by the erstwhile Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of India, defines EWS households as those having an annual income up to ___________ (in Indian Rupees).

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Which of the following is a Vector Graphics Software?

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The main cable of a suspension bridge supports the deck with hangars. These hangars are equidistant along the length of the bridge and represent a uniformly distributed load. Assuming the cable to be weightless as compared to the applied loading, the best approximation of the shape that the cable takes for this loading is a ___________.

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