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214 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Which of the following is/are the characteristic(s) of a Mughal Garden?

[A] Symmetrical and geometrical

[B] Fountain and channelled water

[C] Winding road and untrimmed vegetation

[D] Vista with terminal building

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As per the Central Pollution Control Board’s National Air Quality Index (AQI) of India 2014, which of the following statement(s) is/are true?

[A] AQI is computed considering 8-hourly value of CO

[B] AQI is computed considering 2-hourly value of PM2.5

[C] AQI considers the O3 concentrations

[D] AQI considers the CO2 concentrations

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Which of the following processes is used for surface treatment of metals?

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Among the following monuments of ancient Greece, the only Octastyle Peripteral temple with eight towering Doric columns lining both east and west facades is ___________.

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An Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) test was done on a hardened concrete element using a direct transmission method as per IS 516 (Part 5/Section 1): 2018. The distance between the transducer and receiver was 600 mm. The time taken for the induced wave to travel this distance is measured as 0.18 milliseconds. Based on the following Table, the concrete quality grading is ___________.

Velocity (km/s) – cross probingConcrete quality grading
Above 4.4

3.75 – 4.4

3.0 – 3.75

Less than 3.0





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Which of the following is/are example(s) of Tomb Architecture of Ancient Egypt?

[A] Step Pyramid of Zoser, Sakkara

[B] Great Temple of Abu-Simbel

[C] Temple of Khons, Karnak

[D] Mastabas of Gizeh

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If Aluminium : Anodisation :: Glazing : X, which of the following choices  represent X?

[A] Hard coating

[B] External cement plastering

[C] Tempering

[D] Free-standing vertical greening

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