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215 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Match the illustrations of Arch Types in Group I with their corresponding names in Group II

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Match the architectural projects in Group I with their corresponding architects in Group II.

Group IGroup II
(P) Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

(Q) Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune

(R) Nalanda International School, Vadodara

(S) Matrimandir, Auroville


(1) Revathi Kamath

(2) Brinda Somaya

(3) Roger Anger

(4) B. V. Doshi

(5) Hafeez Contractor

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Match the structural joining systems in Group I with the corresponding materials for which they are commonly used in Group II.

Group IGroup II
(P) Welding

(Q) Spider Connector

(R) Mortise and Tenon

(S) Mortor


(1) Glass

(2)  Plastic

(3) Brick

(4) Steel

(5) Timber

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Match the Instruments in Group I with the corresponding climate parameters in Group II.

Group IGroup II
(P) Pyranometer

(Q) Disdrometer

(R) Hygrometer

(S) Anemometer


(1) Humidity

(2)  Wind

(3) Solar radiation

(4) Pressure

(5) Precipitation

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In traditional Indian temple architecture, which of the following statement(s) is/are true?

[A] Jagamohana refers to a dancing hall

[B] Gopuram refers to an entrance tower

[C] Char-chala refers to a roof composed of four triangular segments

[D] Vimana refers to the structure over the Garbhagriha

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Which of the following factors impact Daylight Autonomy of a built space?

[A] Orientation of building

[B] Glare caused by daylight

[C] Latitude and longitude of building location

[D] Fenestration size

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Which of the following is the National Electronic Toll Collection System implemented by the National Payment Corporation of India?

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