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216 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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The shaded area in the following demand-supply graph is known as ___________.

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Identify the following traffic interchange.

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Which of the following is/are Value Capture Method(s)?

[A] Building construction fees

[B] Fees for changing agricultural to non-agricultural land use

[C] User charge

[D] Premium on additional FSI/FAR

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Which among the following is/are model(s) of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) used for infrastructure projects?





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Match the models in Group I with their corresponding applications in Group II.

Group IGroup II
(P) Logit model

(Q) Greenshield model

(R) Gravity model

(S) Multiple regression model


(1) Trip assignment

(2)  Modal split

(3) Traffic flow

(4) Trip generation

(5) Trip distribution

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Match the proponents in Group I with the corresponding theories in Group II.

Group IGroup II
(P) James Q Wilson and  George K. Kelling

(Q) Sherry Arnstein

(R) Henry Lefebvre

(S) Richard Florida


(1) Creative Class

(2) Right to City

(3) Drive-in Culture

(4) Ladder of Citizen Participation

(5) Broken Window

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Match the Artists/Scientists in Group I with their corresponding contributions in Group II.

Group IGroup II
(P) Robert Park and Louis Wirth

(Q) Jacob August Riis

(R) Charles Booth

(S) John Snow


(1) Poverty Map

(2) Cholera Map

(3) Tenement Shelter Photography

(4) Urban Ethnography

(5) Underground Sewerage Systems

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