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224 - Daily Architecture and Planning Quiz

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Which among the following is/are the component(s) of the assimilative carrying capacity of urban environment?

[A] Air

[B] Water

[C] Economy

[D] Soil

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In the transportation network given below, P, Q, R, S, T, and U are the nodes and values mentioned on the links denote time in minutes. Which of the following options represent the minimum spanning tree?

[A] PQ, QR, QT, TS, SU

[B] PR, QR, RT, TU, SU

[C] PQ, QR, RT, TS, SU

[D] PQ, QR, RS, ST, TU

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The Pritzker Architecture prize for the year 2016 has been awarded to

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Tuscan and Composite Orders are associated with

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A pointed arch having two centres and radii greater than the span is known as

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The concepts of ‘serial vision’, ‘punctuation’ and ‘closure’ were proposed by

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‘Cold joint’ refers to the

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